Chinchilla Furs

chinchilla fursChinchillas are a type of small rodent that are found predominately in the Andes Mountains in America. They live in small groups more commonly called ‘herds’ and they are one of those animals that move around the most after dark. This animal is named after people of a certain tribe that resided in the Andes. They were called the Chincha people. The fur of Chinchillas is perhaps its most valuable asset and it is used to make expensive fur coats because of its velvety texture which is not found in a lot of other rodents. Chinchillas have a history of being farm-raised as well as abducted from the wild for commercial reasons. Farm-raised chinchillas are usually kept well and then used for their soft fur.

The native environment of Chinchillas is the rocky crevices of mountains and they are physically capable of jumping large distances in order to avoid animals of prey that may exist in proximity to them. Predators that notably prey on Chinchillas are skunks, snakes, felines and canines. Their entry into the fur industry is quite well known as it depended on a number of characteristics that the fur of this animal possesses that many other types of fur do not. They were first used to make warm clothing around the 16th century when the properties of their fur were properly determined. Each hair follicle creates roughly sixty more small hairs which make the fur exceedingly valuable in the fur industry. Ideally the fur of the Chinchilla is used to line small items of clothing or to make them. Depending on the price range at which it will later be sold, entire clothing items of a much larger size can also be made from the fur of this small animal.

It is a common belief in the fur industry that since the size of a Chinchilla is very small; a large number of them need to be caught at any one time in order for a full length coat or wrap to be created. Domesticated chinchillas are kept for this purpose in farms and are then used commercially at considerable profit. Chinchillas must be kept in certain temperatures since their bodies have the ability to overheat if the weather gets too hot for them to survive. If their bodies do overheat, they can easily die from heatstrokes and heat exhaustion. Chinchillas are widely used in the manufacture of premium fur coats, accessories and hats and these products are sold at exceptional prices so they are not widely available in department stores or on the high street. Furriers such as Mano Swartz Furs is known for providing a coat of this fur type with exceptional quality and style. Since these items tend to be really expensive, they are usually reserved for the more privileged class who can afford them easily and some may be made to order in certain cases. To be sure your garment is of the highest quality with a custom fit, get in touch with Cynthia Parks master furrier or another well-known expert in the fur industry who can assist you.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is a time that people wait for their entire lives. When they are working in their twenties they dream of a time when they will have enough money ‘put aside’ that they will be able to take the vacations they never took and do the things they never had the money or the time to do before. When coupled with an intelligent approach to financial management, retirement planning is the key to ensuring you can enjoy your later years without too much stress. The first step to retiring well is deciding just how much money is needed to sustain your lifestyle. Obviously you will no longer have your regular income to fall back on so you have to decide what sort of lifestyle you are after once you have reached your sixties or your seventies. Whether or not you have to support anyone other than your wife is also an important concern. Ideally, the best time to start planning is a few years before you reach the retirement limit.

Most experts would agree that older people only use perhaps 70% of what their income used to be but you have to take inflation into account and the fact that you will going for vacations and perhaps spending a bit more than you did before. Making allowances for all this expenditure in advance will save you from future stress and disappointment. Make a list of what your expenses are and how they can be controlled or managed for starters. Next comes having a look at your credit card debt and bank statements. This will help you identify discrepancies and sort them out before you actually retire. Before you retire try to accurately calculate what the real value of money will be in a few years and adjust your saving plan accordingly. What you currently construe as enough may seriously depreciate in value a few years down the road.

Keeping taxes in mind is also very important. Even if you fall in the lower tax bracket you may still be applicable. Be sure to consult with a seasoned financial planner to help maximize your investment gains and minimize that bite of taxes. Certain things such as your social security benefits are not going to be liable for taxation when planned for properly. Do bear in mind that social security is only a much needed supplement and you need another extra source of income to get you through every day and extraneous expenses. This is especially so if all your children are not grown up and you still need to provide for other people. IRS approved plans are a great way to save and to take out an insurance policy. Look for good employee retirement plans in your area and sign up after carrying out appropriate research.